"Bred to Buck"

    I have spent my entire life on the ranch, whether in Louisiana or where I currently call home in
    Madisonville, TX.  I competed as a bull rider and bareback rider for 13 years.  About 15 years ago I
    decided to get into the stock contracting aspect of the industry.  I began buying bulls from various sale
    barns and bucking them to locate the extraordinary bulls.  Shortly thereafter I began breeding my own
    animals. I have been active in the PRCA for the past 13 years and originally bred to bulls such as Red
    Wasp, Diamond Dandy, and Sting Ray, which were all NFR qualifiers. I expanded my herd to include
    animals that were rodeo bred and currently purchase high-profile females as well as producing our own
    replacement heifers.  Currently we have approximately 290 head in the feed lot that we will bring back to
    the ranch for the 2010 breeding season.  

    Our motto is Breed to Buck. Our breeding program is designed to
    create buckers, as is the goal for most rough stock producers.  We
    have designed our breeding program to exemplify excellent pedigrees.
    The next step of our program begins with the development of our
    calves.  When our calves are born, we look for athleticism, structural
    soundness, with a general overall balance in mind.  Having an eye for
    calves that pertain to structure, allows us to determine how he will
    mature as his weight increases.  The eventual product that we identify
    in young calves allows us to better predict how he will athletically
    maneuver in his maturity.  In addition to soundness we look for a keen,
    crisp eye, alertness and overall disposition.  We actually score our
    calves on their disposition which has been an important aspect in our
    breeding success.  This score is obtained approximately three weeks
    after the calves have been weaned. This allows these young athletes
    to adjust to the change that occurs after weaning and their scores
    reflect the temperament without the influence of its mother.

    We are very active in the embryo transplant function of reproduction.  We have taken our program beyond
    the conventional embryo transfer method and are currently utilizing IVF, in-vitro fertilization.  Contrary to
    the conventional embryo flushing which is done from the primary donor, in the IVF process, ovacytes are
    aspirated, placed in Petri dishes in the lab and fertilized with semen.  One straw of semen may be used to
    fertilize as many as 18 donors’ ovacytes.  Within the past 90 days we have successfully collected embryos
    from three major aspirations with semen from Reindeer Dippin’, Oscar Velvet, and White Sports Coat.  We
    have witnessed great results from this undertaking and look forward to the upcoming calves.  Taking
    advantage of this reproductive technology has better enabled us to select  the genetics we desire and
    maximize the genetic resources (i.e. the eggs and semen) we are working with.
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